Digital Radiography

Dental radiographs or x-rays are a valuable tool in your diagnosis and care.  Without them we would be blindly guessing at the proper way to treat you.  They give us valuable images of the teeth and surrounding jawbone on film that is processed in our office.  Digital x-rays give us the same information except a special sensor is used instead of film that allows us to display these images on a computer screen instead of a small piece of film.

The benefits of digital radiographs include:

  • Digital images can be magnified and manipulated on a computer to improve detection of subtle changes in your bone and teeth.
  • Since they can be magnified, enhanced and colored, it is easier for us to show patients what they are seeing.
  • Digital sensors are 5-10 times more sensitive than most film so we can reduce x-ray radiation exposure by up to 90% over film based systems.
  • Digital x-rays provide instant images, so there is no waiting on processing. 
  • No chemicals and lead backings mean it is safer for our environment.

They can be viewed or printed anytime so they can easily be sent to your referring doctor, your insurance company or another specialist if necessary via the internet, email or traditional mail.

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