Complex Cases

This is a 54 year old woman who had a chief complaint of loose teeth and dislike of the shape and position of her teeth which did not give her the smile she wanted. She had advanced gum disease, crowding, receeded gums and a hopeless teeth. She had LANAP surgery through her entire mouth to treat the periodontal disease while simultaneously extracting her two central incisors and performing a ridge augmentation to restore lost bone structure so we could achieve optimal esthetics and support. Later, the gumline was leveled by a combination of soft tissue grafting on the upper right and left cuspids and esthetic contouring across the remaining front teeth. Lastly, dental implants were done to replace the two central incisors. The area dentist that referred the patient to us, finished out this amazing case by placing all porcelain crowns from cuspid to cuspid giving the front 6 teeth and absolutely beautiful appearance. He was kind enough to send me the final picture just after he had cemented her crowns. Cases like this are so exciting to watch from start to finish and see the patient’s reactions.


Complex dental case before photo


Complex dental case after photo

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