We currently operate two facilities in Tennessee and one in Kentucky.   We are in Jackson every Monday through Thursday. We are in our Paris office Fridays and the first and third Tuesdays of the month.  We are in Paducah Monday through Friday.


The Jackson office was opened originally in early 1999 and was relocated to our new, state-of-the-art facility in December 2003 and offers periodontal and implant dentistry services.  We are all extremely proud of the facility and the numerous compliments our patients have given us. 



The Paris office was our first location founded.  It opened originally in 1998 and we completed the current surgical facility in 2001 in the medical center/hospital area.  Here we also offer implant and periodontal services with our highly skilled staff traveling to both locations.  It currently underwent a facelift to stay as comforting as possible.



The third office is our first in Kentucky.  It was opened in February of 2009 and was delayed from its original opening date due to the ice storm.  It is our most technolgically advanced office of the three and we are working to upgrade the other offices to the bar the Paducah office is setting.  It is the first of our offices to be 100% paperless.  There is not a single paper chart to be found in the entire building.  We are excited about this new facility and are proud we can expand our great services to more areas.