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There is a good chance that you have heard or seen some TV commercials promising viewers new teeth in one day. Is it too good to be true or is this just a pipe dream? The good news is that it is a reality! But the reality is that there is a lot of planning, as well as several visits, that go into preparing for that special day. But when it comes, it’s a New Day – New You ™.
The procedure is really nothing new, and has been done on a regular basis for years. Depending on the technique, it is referred to as “All-on-four”, “All-on-X”, “Teeth in a day”, “Same Day Teeth” or “Same Day Smile.” Dr. Culley has trademarked the phrase “New Day – New You ™” because it’s not really about the implants or the teeth, it’s about you! The changes that you get when you have a confident, healthy smile go far beyond the mouth. We see changes in the person and especially the personality. They seem happy, content and exude a sense of self confidence they didn’t realize was possible.

Patients researching their options to restore their smile with dental implants need to understand some important concepts so that they can make well-educated decisions regarding comfort, function, and esthetics based on their treatment objectives. Our staff is specially trained to understand the differences in each option and present those options to you based on what Dr. Culley feels you are a candidate for and want. Then it’s up to you to weigh your options and pick what treatment is best for you. It’s all about you!
The New Day – New You ™ cases usually refer to full arch dental implant restorations, in which all diseased and fractured teeth are removed, implants placed, and a temporary version of your teeth are placed—all in a single visit. The temporary version is fixed to give you strength and stability, and it also gives you confidence knowing that your new teeth will not slide or shift. However, sometimes even with the best pre-planning, your bone is too soft or new infections have occurred in key areas since your plan that make it impossible or too risky to secure the fixed bridgework. In that case, a full arch removable temporary restoration is always made as a back-up just in case it’s needed.

How does the procedure work? This procedure involves removing any remaining teeth, placing 4-6 implants per arch, and attaching a low-profile bridge to those implants. The implants are often placed at special angles to avoid the patient’s sinuses. Bone contouring and bone grafting can be done simultaneously to obtain the desired foundation necessary for a lifetime of function. Your doctor will place between four and six implants per arch and temporary fixed bridges will be placed while your implants integrate with your jawbones and your mouth heals. The procedure itself typically takes 4-6 hours depending on whether you having a single arch treated (upper or lower) or both arches (full mouth). When you leave our office, your temporary bridge(s) will be securely attached to your new implants. You will wear your temporary bridge(s) for 4-6 months to allow time for your implants to integrate with your bone and for your jaws and gums to heal into a stable, long-term position before fabrication of your final bridge(s). However, sometimes even with the best pre-planning, your bone is too soft or new infections have occurred in key areas since your plan that make it impossible or too risky to secure the fixed bridgework. In that case, a full arch removable temporary restoration is always made as a back-up just in case it’s needed.

The final restorations are made by the restorative doctor. This involves a few appointments over a 5-6 week period. Your temporary restorations can act as “training wheels” to see if you like the cosmetics, fit and function. If changes are desired, they can more easily be pointed out by you to the restorative doctor so he and the lab can give you something that will have optimal fit, function and esthetics.

When considering the final restoration, there are options for the final restoration, but we prefer a monolithic zirconia restoration or a nano-ceramic restoration. Zirconia and nano-ceramic teeth are not only much stronger than traditional acrylic (plastic) denture teeth offered at most other dental offices, but they also give a more natural, life-like end result. In addition, zirconia and nano-ceramic teeth are more hygienic and resistant to staining. This means they will last longer and look better than the acrylic/titanium hybrid bridges you find at most other practices. Also, the teeth that your doctor designs are planned and milled digitally using the latest CAD/CAM technology, so there will always be a saved file of your teeth if they ever need to be replaced.

What to expect afterward: Of course as with any surgery, you can expect to have soreness and some swelling for several days. One benefit is that the restoration is splinted and puts little pressure on the jawbone which minimizes discomfort. However, while your implants and teeth are securely placed from day one, we do ask that you maintain a soft diet during the 4 month healing period. What exactly does that mean? A good general rule is you can eat anything you can cut with a plastic fork. The reason for this is that you are investing in something that could last you many decades, even the rest of your life, and maintaining a softer diet during the healing period will allow the best integration of your implants into your bone and help ensure the best long-term outcome.

When, and why, it can take longer than a day? Dental implant treatment involves both a surgical and restorative phase. In order for the dental implants to be successful, it requires the bone to heal around the implant. It may also be necessary to prepare the site to accept a dental implant, which may require a few procedures. After adequate healing has occurred, the restorative phase may begin. Depending upon the complexity of the case, this may be one to six months, or longer. However, as noted before, there are cases when significant work is needed that the majority of the treatment is completed in a single surgical visit. These are the cases where all affected teeth are removed and an immediate temporary provided at the same time.

This type of “dental makeover” can be a life-altering experience for patients who have previously had a lifetime of dental difficulty. While most patients may not require removal of all their teeth, for those who do it is a tremendous service to be able to receive this type of treatment.

More commonly, patients may require replacement of a single front tooth. Single-visit implant placement that can be completed in one day is often an option that your dentist can discuss with you.

It all starts by you taking the first step which will be scheduling for your FREE CONSULTATION with Dr. Culley. He and his staff will gather the necessary data to help you get the smile and function that you’ve always wanted.

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