preThis is a 38 year old male with severe recession across all of the upper anterior teeth from toothbrush abrasion.  The restorative doctor wanted the gumline esthetics treated prior to new all porcelain veneers being fabricated.  The pre-operative photo shows the edges of all the old composite veneers and the yellow root structure.  The post operative photo was taken one month after the surgery and complete root coverage was obtained in all areas.  The esthetics are already much improved but after his new veneers were completed, the results were outstanding.

preThis is a 32 year old female with isolated severe recession on a maxillary right cuspid.  The graft was done to help with severe tooth sensitivity and cavity protection in the exposed root area.  The after photo was six months after surgery.  Complete coverage was obtained.  The patient had no further complaints of tooth sensitivity and loved the instant cosmetic improvement to her smile.

preThis is a 28 year old female with isolated minor recession; however, the recession had been progressive due to her naturally thin and narrow gingival tissues.  The graft was done for esthetics, but also to increase the quality and quantity of tissue to prevent future problems from occurring as well.  The post operative picture is 2 months after surgery showing total root coverage and an increased band of keratinized gum tissue.

This is a 46 year old male that presented with severe gum inflammation in the lower front midline area.  The preoperative photo shows a protruding left central incisor, severe gum inflammation and very poor quality and quantity of keratinized tissue present.  There was little to no recession so another type of gum graft was done to increase both quality and quantity of tissue.  The post operative photo was taken two weeks after the procedure.  The graft is a lighter pink shade due to the new vascular supply.  The quantity and quality of tissue was tripled in the area and no further problems should occur.