This is a 17 year old female that had been in a severe accident involving her face.  One outcome of the accident was that her gum tissues no longer continued maturing on one side of her upper front teeth.  The left side looked extremely disproportionate to the rest of her face and smile. We performed a minor gingival sculpting procedure utilizing a laser and one month later saw this beautiful smile come through our doors.  It was hard to determine if the patient or her mother was the most happy.


A beautiful 20 year old female was referred by her orthodontist for esthetic contouring after his patient had completed 3 years of orthodontics.  Notice the puffy, swollen, gums with the tear-drop shaped tissue between the teeth in the pre-operative photo.  With some minor laser sculpting, she ended up with the beautiful results in the post-operative photo.  She was thrilled with the results and how painless the entire procedure was.