preThis is a 55 year old female with a hopelessly fractured left lateral incisor.  The incisor was removed, the implant placed and she left the office with a temporary crown.  The before photo shows her just before surgery and the after photo shows the same site at her first post-operative appointment.  She stated there was no pain and was thrilled with the instant cosmetic result.

preThis is a 64 year old male with a failing root canal on the upper left central incisor.  The hopeless tooth was removed and the implant with a temporary crown was placed the same day.  Note the temporary is a lighter shade because the patient was soon to start bleaching his other natural teeth.  The before photo is just before the tooth was extracted and the after photo is immediately after the procedure was completed.  He reported no post operative pain and was very pleased with the results.

preThis case shows a upper left lateral incisor of a 48 year old female that was being destroyed from the inside out which is called internal root resorption.  The tooth was removed and an implant placed simultaneously.  The patient wore an essex retainer with a tooth in it during the time of implant healing.  A custom porcelain abutment was fabricated and a custom temporary restoration was placed approximately 8 weeks after implant placement.  The patient then had full custom porcelain veneers made by her restorative doctor to match the shade and shape of the temporary for the ultimate in esthetics.