Image guidance implantology (IGI) represents a major technological breakthrough in implant dentistry.  The IGI system utilizes an infra-red optical tracking system, compromised of emitters, camera and a tracking data processor, which are specifically designed to greatly improve the surgical implantation procedure by providing the surgeon with a computerized navigational system which allows for extremely accurate guidance during the surgical operation.

With this novel device, the restorative plan is seamlessly molded with the anatomic landmarks to provide the surgeon with the capability of safely placing implants in the most ideal and precise locations with a level of accuracy of approximately five one hundredths of a millimeter.  This is the first time image guidance technology has been used in dentistry.  This same technology has been used in orthopedic surgery and other medical areas for quite some time.

We are continually trying to offer our patients the best, safest and most effective therapy options and are extremely excited to say we are only one of 15 offices in the United States offering this service to our patients, and one of only 3 offices to have in-office CT scanners and IGI.