In our efforts to continually offer our patients the highest caliber of diagnostics and treatment possible, we  perform CAT Scans (Computer Aided Tomography) in our office.   We were the first office in the state of Tennessee to offer iCAT in the office.  We have been using this technology for over 5 years and have been on the cutting edge of utilizing its diagnostic capabilities in a number of ways.  This is a technology that has been offered for years in large hospitals but is now available in our clinic.  This prevents confusion for patients, saves them time and visits while giving us the ability to give you the best treatment available today.

While traditional C.T. Units require patients to lay on a table which is inserted into a closter phobic tube, our unit is an upright unit where the patient sits comfortably in a chair while the machine moves around your head.  The data is immediately delivered to  computers where our doctors can view a 3-D reconstruction of your face, teeth and jaw bones.  This information can be used to view TMJ problems, pathology of the bones of your face, odontogenic infections, exact relationship of impacted teeth to vital structures.

Most of all, this technology allows us to give you the most accurate evaluation of bone contours and vital anatomic structures when patients are wanting dental implants.  When this virtual treatment planning is coordinated with our IGI system, patients will receive surgical accuracy in placing your dental implants to within 0.05mm which is humanly impossible to achieve.  This is the new standard of care in implant dentistry.  If you are having implants placed with traditional x-rays only, the surgeon is not getting the whole picture.

We also offer independent imaging services for the orthodontists and other doctors in the area wanting to have this technology.