Multiple Tooth Replacement

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Dental implants can be used to replace multiple teeth as well as single teeth with high predictability, longevity, comfort and esthetics.  Modern dental implants are routinely sued to replace multiple teeth just as other means of conventional dentistry.

Acting as anchors to replace missing tooth roots, following a short healing period, permanent crowns can be placed to restore your lost function from missing or failing teeth. It is most predictable to place several implants in an effort to permanently replace an area of the mouth that has multiple teeth missing.

Dental implants have several advantages to replace groups of missing or failing teeth. First, there is no need to “cut-down” neighboring healthy teeth, as with traditional bridgework, which can often lead to additional tooth decay, fracture, nerve damage or future dental breakdown.  Second, dental implants allow for permanent replacement teeth that are fixed and do not require patients to remove them as with a removable partial denture.  Finally, because dental implants act independently, brushing and flossing are easier and often more effective than with other types of fixed replacement teeth.

Dr. Culley has experience in placing dental implants since 1995 and has valuable experience in implant restoration, which every implant surgeon needs. Besides simply placing the implants, our doctors have helped numerous doctors in restoring cases as a benefit to them and their patients. There are also many area dentists and their family members that have our implants functioning in their mouths right now. That is a fact in which we take extreme pride.

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