Jaw Bone Regeneration

No one today should ever hear that you don’t have enough bone to place an implant or that your can’t permanently replace a tooth.

x-ray of a lower jaw with dental implantsBone atrophy is a serious problem that occurs when a tooth is lost from periodontal disease, decay or trauma.  When teeth are lost the bone begins to diminish in size and shrink away.  Conventional bridgework and dentures cannot stop this phenomenon from occurring.  Unesthetic cosmetic changes can occur with severe bone atrophy including the appearance of premature aging.

Fortunately almost everyone today is a candidate for dental implants.  Age is not a limiting factor except in some patient’s own minds.  Health is a concern, but if you are healthy enough to have a tooth extracted then you are healthy enough to have dental implants placed.  Diminished bone support has been a limiting factor in the past making implant placement difficult, unpredictable and even sometimes impossible.  However, today we have many bone regeneration procedures that can correct a number of bone deficiency problems.

Sinuses are air-filled spaces in the upper jaw typically found behind the cuspids or eye teeth.  Their size and position vary greatly from person to person.  Sinus cavities typically get larger as we grow older or after back teeth have been lost.  Today, sinuses can predictably be manipulated to allow bone grafting and implants to be placed.  Typically this can be done at the time of implant placement, but in severe cases, separate procedures may be required.

We have the technology available to use your own bone for grafting called an “autograft,” or we can sometimes use synthetic bioengineered materials to reconstruct areas with diminished bone support.  After thorough examination and diagnosis, our highly skilled doctors will recommend what options are available to you and the pros and cons of each.

Bone quality or quantity should no longer be viewed as a reason not to get dental implants.  With the advances in bone grafting procedures, now almost everyone is a candidate for dental implants.  If the sinuses are in the way, they can gently be moved and new bone grown in their place.  If the nerve of the bottom jaw is in the way, techniques and technology are available to safely provide patients with tooth replacement therapy.

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